Ease of Handling


Auxiliaries are more efficient and comfortable when they’re not struggling with a sensor cord, or worried about damaging their equipment.


  • Is the cord a convenient length?
  • Is the cord resistant to tugging?
  • Is the sensor plate tolerant of occasional impact?

Ergonomic Issues:

  • Ease of handling: Does the sensor resist damage due to yanking of the cord, or impact with a hard surface?  Does an excessively long cord get in the way?


Ease Of Handling.  A sensor’s cord must reach from the patient’s mouth to the computer equipment.  But too long a cord can get in the way of the auxiliary.  Also, too long a cord tends to scrape along the ground during handling, making it harder to clean and more likely to be damaged.  Therefore, XDR designed its cable to be 2 meters long – with the option of extension.  The two meter cord is convenient for most installations (especially when a powered USB hub is used), and is unlikely to touch the ground during use or cleaning.  A one meter extension is available for unusual situations.

Strong Cord. Kevlar – the same material used in bulletproof vests – gives the Anatomic Sensor cord tremendous tensile strength.  Since it was introduced in 2009, not one sensor has become separated from its cord.

Shock Resistance.  Though no sensor can withstand repeated heavy impacts, an auxiliary doesn’t want to worry every time the sensor is placed on a hard surface.  Therefore, XDR designed the new Anatomic Sensor with multiple mechanisms to resist shock, including corner cushioning and proprietary protection plate.

Figure 1 - Designed for tensile strength
Figure 1 – Designed for tensile strength

Figure 2 - Kevlar Cable Relieves Stress on Copper Wires
Figure 2 – Kevlar cable relieves stress on copper wires

Figure 3 - Cord should avoid contact with ground
Figure 3 – Cord should avoid contact with ground



Ergonomic Features

Objective Feature
Canine-Premolar Contact Maximal Mesial Imaging Area
Intraoral Visibility White Face
Comfort Rounded Corners
Comfort Beveled Corners
Ease of Placement Thin
Ease of Placement Small Button
Ease of Cleaning No Creases or Crevices
Sterilizability Immersible (Waterproof)
Ease of Handling Two-Meter Cord
Strong Cord Kevlar Cable
Shock Resistance Protection Plate



Many sensors address some of the ergonomic issues. Only the XDR Anatomic Sensor addresses all of these issues.