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XDR’s ALARA Dental Collimator works with any holder system to decrease radiation exposure.
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Up to 70% Reduction in Exposure to Patient

  • Reduces Patient Exposure up to 70% (The measure of intensity of radiation at the patient's skin.)
  • Stainless steel construction stops more radiation with less weight
  • Helps auxiliaries stay within the ALARA principle

Obtain High Quality Images

  • Greatly Reduces Scatter Radiation, Noise and Fog
  • Increases image contrast
  • Leads to improved diagnosis and treatment


  • Works with Rinn Aiming Rings and Rods
    (Not compatible with the DENSPLY RINN XCP-ORA aiming ring)
  • Available for Anterior, Bitewing, Posterior, and Endodontic X-Ray positions
  • Sturdy Support Handle for easy grip while in use


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