Imaging Through Science, the Importance of Research

Los Angeles, CA: Imaging Through Science is the essence of XDR Radiology. Our products are engineered with Dentists and Radiography in mind. Our mission is to create products that help Dentists treat their patients with efficiency using industry leading technology. These are the reasons Douglas Yoon, DDS founded XDR Radiology.

From a young age, Doug has always had a personal drive to learn. He believes it is important to engage in research to advance knowledge. Doug considers himself a scientist and engineer because he has a passion for experimentation and engineering:

If you don’t take chances you’re not going to learn, so you’ve got to be willing to take educated guesses and calculated risks if you’re going to expand your knowledge and learn how things work.

Doug’s vision and regard for research has led him to create a special grant with the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMR). The grant is to be awarded to a new faculty member at a university to help fund their research. For further details of the grant, please visit

Doug continues to engage in research, improving the tools available to clinicians in dentistry. Stay tuned for more updates about Doug’s advances through research on our News page.

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