COVID-19: Business NOT As Usual

We understand the enormous stress that your practices, schools and clinics are under.

We wanted to reach out to you assuring you we are, and will continue to be, available to support you during these unprecedented times. XDR continues to take steps to keep our employees protected while maintaining business and support continuity for our customers.

We have provided remote support capabilities and work-from-home services from our inception. During these times we have expanded our abilities for virtually our entire company to service you from work-from-home locations. It helps being a technology company. We could even unlock our door remotely for the FedEx driver, but we still do have a team staffing our headquarters.

For you, this means we are available as usual to assist with your everyday needs, including onboarding, training, technical support and sales.

We will continue to offer our customers unparalleled support and assure you we are well positioned to continue supporting our product and operations for the long term, even in these challenging times.

Take Care,
The dentists and staff of XDR