A Culture of Dentistry, A Passion for Excellence

XDR Radiology was created by dentists for dentists. New features are engineered not just to impress, but to have clinical relevance. For example, we pioneered the use of black viewing backgrounds consistent with radiographic reading techniques. Working in clinical settings, we developed our context sensitive interface with gloves-friendly controls, eliminating drop down menus. And we designed our Anatomic Sensor to maximize coverage at the mesial edge, making it far easier to image the premolar/canine interproximal contact.

We bring the science of imaging to your practice.  Our engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists not only love the science; they want to see it make a difference.  So our clinical specialists understand the theory of exposure.  Our technical specialists understand the sensor’s construction.  And our algorithms yield stunningly film-like contrast, enhance hard and soft tissue anatomy, and correct for radiographic distortion.

We’re human beings.  It turns out that telling the truth is not only the right thing to do, it’s a lot easier.  That partnering with practices and vendors is a lot more pleasant than pointing fingers or criticizing competitors.  And that being nice really can be part of a successful strategy.