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November 2016

In the design, building and set up of our new radiology clinic, XDR has been there for every step. Transitioning to direct capture intraoral sensors went better than we could have anticipated. Our experience with XDR from IT design, installing, software integrations with our PACS system, training and troubleshooting has been exemplary, XDR always comes through.

Dwight Rice, DDS, Associate Professor
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA
October 2016

As dental IT providers, we have extensive experience with support techs from all of the major companies.  XDR far exceeds the norm.  When the rare support is actually needed, we get a tech very quickly.  They have a small-company feel, in that the techs remember our names and are quick to solve issues, all the while ensuring HIPAA compliance measures are enforced.

Dan Gospe, COO, Dental IT Provider
DMI Networking
Santa Rosa, CA
October 2016

People often ask me what Digital X-Ray system I use, I tell them XDR. When they follow up with why I use XDR, I tell them that I use XDR because the image quality is terrific, and the software so easy to use,  and maybe most importantly that their customer service is the best of all the dental companies I deal with in my practice.

Terrence C. O'Keefe, DDS, PC, General Dentist
Houston, TX
October 2016

I have been very satisfied with your software. It was easy to use right from the first day I used it. As time has gone on, it has been easy to increase my knowledge and fun to use. I would say to any buyer, “Don’t look any further. Buy this product. It’s awesome!”

Richard Lewis, DMD, Family Practice
Richard Lewis, DMD
Burlington, MA
September 2016

I can’t say enough good things about XDR Radiology. We made the switch from Dexis back in 2014 and never looked back. Their customer service is AMAZING, on the rare times we need them.

Mac Jones, DDS, Family Dentistry
Mac Jones, DDS
Washington, North Carolina
August 2016

I really like the simple to use interface, the support is great (where else can you speak directly to the owners and developers of the system), the price is right, and the replacement insurance cost is much more reasonable than other companies…all this makes it a no brainer.

Charlton Ho
McLean, VA
May 2016

When I bought my sensors and software I went with XDR after much research on dentaltown. I determined that it was the best value.

Beau Moody, DMD, General Dentist
Edwardsville Family Dentist
Edwardsville, IL
April 2016

When my DEXIS warranty/support ran out for my PCMCIA sensor, DEXIS wanted something like $12K to $15K to upgrade to their ‘new’ USB Sensor.  I said screw that, and picked up two XDR sensors, software and warranty for a few thousand less than DEXIS, plus with a lot nicer support.

Fred Chittenden, DDS, General Dentistry
Lake Stevens Dental Clinic
Lake Stevens, WA
February 2016

I had an older Schick that went out on me last year and had to decide to go with the Schick 33 or something totally different. Ended up going with XDR to save money and have been very happy. Picture quality is real good and costs half the price.

Chad Biggio, DDS
Biggio Dental Care
Baton Rouge, LA
February 2016

We have used XDR for over 10 years. Great company, images, software, support – very highly recommended. We also use it to acquire and manipulate the images from our Planmeca pano and used it with our Serona pano before that. Very nice to be able to change sensors, cameras and even pano machines and still have everything work!

Bruce Stephenson, DDS, FAGD
San Leandro, CA
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