Technical Support

Skill, Flexibility, Teamwork

Just Make It Work.  We get it.  You don’t care who or why; it just needs to work by the time the patients arrive.  So our techs combine a deep background in computers with a focus on results, on communicating with your staff, and on cooperating with others who provide you hardware, software and expertise.

Installation.  When we’re installing your imaging system, we make sure the process fits into your environment. So our techs can work on most any computer, most any network, and most any imaging device. “Standard” means easy. “Different” means a learning opportunity. “Challenging” means fun.

Analysis.  If we’re troubleshooting, we make sure we appreciate the clinical impact. Is there a patient in the chair? Is image quality being affected? So “fixing the problem” means making it right for the doctor, the staff and the patient. And under our plan remote support is unlimited, so you and your staff won’t ever hesitate to call.

Assistance.  As we’re working with your staff, we keep in mind what a dental office is like. Doctors focused on dentistry, patients dealing with emotion, and staff trying to keep things organized. So our job is to be attentive, patient, and helpful – the only attitude you’ll get from our team is a pleasant one.