Sensor Holders

Clinically Designed. Diagnostic images are about more than technology. They’re about clinical practice and technique. So our holder design goes beyond others’ in supporting paralleling technique, making positioning easier, and giving auxiliaries flexibility for difficult shots.

Patient Comfort. Comfortable patients are cooperative patients, so you’ll more likely get the desired image. That’s why we have:

  • Removed all unnecessary protrusions, sharp corners, and hard edges on the sensors’ external contours,
  • Minimized the thickness of every system component, and
  • Added no more than 2mm of thickness to each of the sensor’s external dimensions.

Easier Assembly. With fewer pieces to assemble, to keep track of and to clean, our system saves time between shots and between patients.

Eliminated Shadows. Because imaging areas have only non-metallic components, no rod or pins will inadvertently superimpose radiographic shadows.

Distortion Correction. When patient anatomy imposes constraints on the placement of an inflexible sensor, imperfect parallelism may result. But with the stainless steel BBs embedded in our sensors’ biteblocks, combined with XDR Software’s patented Unwarp feature, distortion due to elongation can be reversed, enabling confident measurement of angles and distances.

diagrams of sensor holders