Intraoral Camera


Specifications Sheet

XDR Radiology Intraoral Camera

Image Quality

Intraoral Camera Image Quality

For an intraoral camera to offer a diagnostic modality, the image must be clear, sharp, up close and color accurate.

  • Ultra Sharp Multi-Element Optics. Can you see hairline fractures? These advanced optics provide for 200 line pair per millimeter.
  • Ultra-wide focusing range. Are open margins made obvious to the patient? With the closest focusing lens on the market, you can move in tight or expand out for full head shots.
  • Anti-Fog Lens. Don’t let vapor cloud your view. This lens resists fogging up, and is shaped for proper fit by barriers.
  • Dual Intensity LED Illumination. With a light on/off switch, and a control for selecting brightness, you’ll have the right light for the shot.
  • Direct USB Digital Video Technology. Your experienced, diagnostic eye needs clarity and color accuracy. By avoiding the limitations of NTSC and PAL technologies, this camera delivers images that are true to life.

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Intraoral Camera Ergonomics

The point of an intraoral camera is to get the shot more easily. Clinical design makes that happen.

  • Balance and Weight. The moment you pick this camera up, you’ll know you’re working with a well-crafted instrument.
  • Dual Capture Buttons. Why shift your grip at the last second? With a capture button in front and another in back, you won’t have to.
  • Focus Stabilization. Looking for a better intraoral fulcrum? Our patent pending magnetic mono-pod stabilization system provides stability and flexibility.
  • Auto Shutoff. Just put the camera in its flexible holster, and it powers down.

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Intraoral Camera Construction

You just want it to work.

  • Aircraft Aluminum. The camera’s chassis is precisely milled, using CAD CAM, from a single billet of aluminum alloy. It’s clear anodized for superior strength and durability, for rapid heat dissipation and for ease of cleaning.
  • Rugged Mini-USB Connector. The camera’s anodized alloy collar offers greater protection to the mini USB connector, preventing damage from liquids and accidental disconnection of the USB cord.
  • Plug And Play. No one wants to look at pop-up messages in the middle of an exam. So the camera’s UVC Webcam technology eliminates device driver installation. Just plug it in and go.

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