Our Products

Clinical Insight, Engineering Solutions, Mathematical Power

Software. XDR Digital Imaging Software, a flagship product, combines clinical simplicity with diagnostic and analytic power.

Sensors. The  XDR Anatomic Sensor offers top tier image quality, active imaging area where you need it, and unique ergonomic details, all in a comfortable and durable package.

Intraoral Cameras. The XDR Intraoral Camera provides the sharpest and closest image available in its price range, with a proprietary kit of clinical attachments for motion stabilization and periodontal measurements.

Accessories. Our minimalist Sensor Holders provide precise control over projective geometry with improved patient comfort and ease of sterilization.

Services. Our Service Teams are focused on the doctor, the staff and the patient, to make sure digital imaging delivers on its promise.  We also provide technical consultation for clinicians wanting to learn more about this technology, as well as continuing education courses.