Customer Service

Responsive, Knowledgeable, Effective

Service.  We all want the same things when we call a service company: Someone who listens and thinks, instead of reading from a script. Someone who sounds like they could be in the building next door. Someone who knows what they’re talking about, and actually wants to talk.

Information.  Our representatives are focused on answering your questions, learning what’s needed, and explaining what happens next.

Action.  They’re efficient and empowered, to schedule a demonstration, set up installation and training, check on status or history, get an expert on the line, or arrange for a consultation.

Communication.  They know that people deserve a prompt response, clear speech, and dependable followup; and that clear, honest answers are good business.

Logistics.  Our representatives know that accuracy and timing are fundamental to dental practice. The right things have to be in the right place at the promised time, fully tested and ready to go.