Clinical Support

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Helpful

Foundation in Dentistry.  It’s easy to tell when someone has worked in a dental office, when they’ve actually dealt with a gagger, when they know the challenges of breaking a challenging premolar/canine contact. Our Clinical Support team combines such experience with deep knowledge of our products and the fundamentals of radiography.

Transition.  The team’s first goal is to help you and your staff transition to new technology. Whether moving from film to digital, or converting from another digital system, your staff has expert, organized partners. Staff becomes effective and confident, patients are made comfortable, and you get diagnostic images.

Help.  Over the phone and via remote control of your computers, the team can answer software questions, train a new hire, or help you explore the software’s advanced tools. On site, they can help with sensor handling, care and positioning. And under our plan remote support is unlimited, so you and your staff won’t ever hesitate to call.

Depth.  Where other companies leave off, we just get started. We love beautiful radiography, and are happy with nothing less. So the team is ready to help your staff with image quality, X-ray settings, and exposure technique. And when it gets interesting, they have XDR Founders and Associates behind them (available by appointment) for topics requiring dentist-to-dentist conversation.