About Us

Digital Radiography and Imaging Specialists


XDR was founded with the goal of making advanced computer-based technologies more accessible and clinically relevant to the dental practitioner. To achieve this we partner with doctors and staff, IT technicians and network providers, universities and research institutions, and equipment and software manufacturers.


The President and Chief Technology Officer of XDR is Douglas Yoon, DDS. With a background including Mathematics and Physics, Dr. Yoon began his design career in aerospace, was an adjunct faculty member at UCLA, and founded XDR Radiology in 2001. Our Director of Clinical Operations is Adam Chen, DDS. Being a practicing dentist for more than 30 years, Dr. Chen brings clinical design and insight to XDR software and services. Our Chief Operating Officer is Joel Karafin. With a background in Mathematics, Semantics and Computer Science, Mr. Karafin brings technical and management expertise to our databases and daily operations.


Our service teams are filled with specialists in their fields. Customer Service is your first point of contact. Long experienced in service industries, they clarify our products and services, bring the right resources to bear, maintain communications, and execute logistics. Clinical Support is your resource for radiographic knowledge and confidence. As RDHs and RDAs, they match their deep clinical knowledge of XDR products with intuition from real life dentistry. Technical Support makes it all work right. As Information Technology professionals, they combine their deep engineering knowledge of XDR products with serious IT chops.


Our colleagues in dentistry help us extend and deepen our partnership. Doctors in our practices provide clinical ideas and challenges. Doctors in universities evaluate and test our solutions. And leading specialists and opinion leaders help us communicate the results.